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JKT Law Inc.'s President, Justin Kirk Tabayoyon, is deeply invested in these issues, having personally experienced police misconduct. He advocates for those good law enforcement officers who uphold their duty, while standing as a formidable foe to those who abuse their power. It's his conviction that police departments must eliminate misconduct within their ranks, institute robust training programs, and implement effective policies to safeguard citizens' rights.

Whether you've been a victim of police misconduct or brutality, or you feel your civil rights have been violated, it is crucial to promptly seek legal counsel. Remember, in California, you typically only have 6 months from the incident to present a state personal injury claim against a government entity. If this deadline is missed, you may lose the right to seek personal injury damages for state law claims against government entities. 

However, under the Civil Rights Act of 1871 (42 USC § 1983), in California you can generally file a lawsuit against officers and law enforcement agencies who violate your constitutional rights under the color of law for up to 2 years after the incident. This provision holds true even if you did not present a claim against the relevant government entity within 6 months for state law  claims. 

In the United States, our Constitution guarantees various rights and liberties, designed to protect us from government abuse, including misconduct by law enforcement. Unfortunately, some officers view these protections as obstacles to their duties. Thankfully, with the proliferation of digital recording devices, instances of police misconduct can be captured and used as evidence. However, video documentation isn't always necessary to hold police accountable.

Often, individuals are charged with crimes like resisting, obstructing, or delaying a peace officer to cover up instances of police misconduct and avoid civil liability. We urge those facing such charges not to plea bargain in a manner that might jeopardize their potential civil rights lawsuit against the police.

At the JKT Law Inc., we firmly believe that law enforcement agencies should be held accountable for unconstitutional practices and unofficial endorsements of misconduct. Unless these agencies face substantial legal repercussions and are forced to compensate victims monetarily, the rampant issue of police misconduct will continue unabated. Stand up for your rights and help protect your fellow citizens from police misconduct and brutality.

Contact the JKT Law Inc. if you believe you have been a victim of police misconduct or brutality.


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JKT Law Inc. is a firm with attorneys boasting over a decade of experience in civil litigation. Our experienced team has navigated countless cases with precision and knowledge, ensuring favorable outcomes for our clients. Whether representing plaintiffs or defendants, we leverage our deep understanding of the legal landscape to craft strategic solutions tailored to each unique situation. Trust JKT Law Inc. to deliver results-driven representation in civil litigation matters.

Federal Litigation: Championing Civil Rights Against Police Misconduct

At JKT Law Inc., we ardently fight for justice in cases of police misconduct, brutality, and civil rights infringements. We believe that civil rights litigation is not merely about monetary compensation—it's a matter of principle.

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