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Our Fees

Important Clarification:
Free Consultations for Personal Injury and Civil Rights Cases

In our commitment to provide equitable access to justice, we are pleased to inform you that all consultations related to personal injury and civil rights cases are completely free of charge. We firmly believe in the importance of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to seek legal advice without financial concerns. Therefore, if you need guidance on a potential personal injury case or a violation of your civil rights, feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation at no cost.

Family Law

2024 Published Law Rates:


At JKT Law Inc., we offer legal consultations to address your concerns and provide personalized guidance in Family Law. Our experienced team ensures clarity and peace of mind as we work together on your legal issues.

  • 1/2 hour: $250

  • 1 hour: $500

Hourly Rates

At JKT Law Inc., our hourly rates provide transparent pricing for family legal services. With experienced attorneys and paralegals knowledgeable in Family Law, we offer expert assistance tailored to your needs, ensuring clarity and peace of mind throughout the legal process.

  • Legal Assistants: $250/hr

  • Licensed Attorneys $500/hr

Typical Initial Deposits

At JKT Law Inc., our typical initial deposits offer a clear starting point for legal representation. Tailored to various legal matters, these deposits provide an upfront understanding of costs while ensuring transparency and peace of mind for our clients. It's important to note that the specific details regarding deposits in these cases may vary depending on individual circumstances and court decisions.

  • Divorce: $10,000

  • Child Custody Dispute: $5,000

  • Child or Spousal Support Dispute: $5,000

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order: $5,000

​*Initial deposits do not represent your total or estimated fees. They are negotiable and may vary based on the specifics of your case. Court filing fees are not included in initial deposits and are collected separately by the court. ​


Disclaimer: Rates are subject to change. Your retainer agreement (contract) determines the fees you are charged, not this website. Time is billed in 0.1 hr (six-minute) minimum increments.



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