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Solano County
Justin Kirk Tabayoyon

The Law Offices of Justin Kirk Tabayoyon provides comprehensive family law representation for all family law matters. 


Termination of Parental Rights

[Family Code section 7822]

In California, a parent can terminate the parental rights of the other parent if the other parents leaves the child in their care and custody for a period of one year without any provision for the child's support, or without communication from the parent, with the intent on the part of the parent to abandon. Failure to provide support or communicate with the child is presumptive evidence of the intent to abandon. If the other parent has made only token efforts to support or communicate with the child, the court may declare the child abandoned and free from the parental custody and control of the abandoning parent. Terminating parental rights also terminates child support obligations. 

This office has experience terminating parental rights, with and without agreement, and both requesting and defending against such a request. Call today for a consultation if you would like to terminate the rights of the other parent, without or without their agreement. 

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