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Justin Kirk Tabayoyon

Expert Representation for High Asset Divorce & Small Business Owners

JKT Law Inc. is distinctly qualified to handle the intricate matters of high asset divorces and those involving small business owners. Our robust expertise in this field gives us an edge in protecting your financial interests, ensuring a fair and just resolution.

About Attorney Justin Kirk Tabayoyon

Attorney Justin Kirk Tabayoyon is a seasoned professional equipped with an undergraduate degree in Managerial Economics from the University of California at Davis. His education, which includes in-depth studies in calculus, finance, and accounting, fortifies his ability to understand and analyze complex financial matters.

Prior to practicing law, Mr. Tabayoyon managed a corporate business, studying profit and loss reports daily, and gaining an intimate understanding of bookkeeping and financial statements. As a business owner himself and an attorney representing clients, he has successfully navigated multiple high asset divorce cases, some involving business owners concealing income and assets, and even instances of fraudulent tax returns. Mr. Tabayoyon is admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court, further strengthening his proficiency in dealing with intricate financial cases.

Why Choose Us?

Not all attorneys possess the same skills or areas of expertise. It's commonly observed that many lawyers, and even judges, may lack proficiency in math, finance, or accounting. In high-stakes divorce cases involving substantial assets or business holdings, this can lead to a disadvantageous outcome.

However, at JKT Law Inc., we excel in dealing with such complex financial situations. We understand that the interpretation of financial statements, balance sheets, and diverse investment vehicles demands more than just a surface-level understanding. Therefore, we do more than just accept given information; we investigate, uncover, and expose any hidden assets or fraudulent expenses, ensuring a just and fair result.

In cases requiring a deeper dive, we associate with accounting and finance professionals to investigate and elucidate complex investments and holdings. We translate these financial intricacies to judges, aiding their understanding and guiding their decisions.

If you're a business owner going through a divorce or an individual dealing with a high asset divorce, reach out to JKT Law Inc. We offer financial literacy and the expertise needed to protect your financial interests. Don't leave your financial future to chance; choose a firm that understands and can safeguard your assets.


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