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Can you get the other side to pay my attorneys fees? If so, will you take my case without a deposit?

The California Family Code does provide a mechanism to seek attorney fees and costs based on, among other things, a disparity in income. However, that does not mean this office will take your case without an initial deposit. In fact, in most cases we will not. 


An award of attorney fees and costs is uncertain at the outset of your case. Often the court will "reserve" the issue of attorney fees and costs until the end of the case. And even when attorney fees and costs are ordered, very often the other side simply does not pay, which requires more work to compel payment. 


If the other party has a high income or substantial liquid assets, this office may take your case on a limited scope basis to pursue attorney fees and costs, but likely would still require a small deposit to pursue an order for attorney fees and costs. If the court denies the request, reserves the issue, or the other side does not pay despite the court order, you would have to come up with a deposit or payment plan. 


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