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Our current published family law rates are listed here

Do you charge a flat fee or by the hour? 

For family law cases, this office generally, but not always, requires an advance payment and we charge for time and expenses against that advance payment. Generally, we do not offer flat rate services in family law cases. For some types of cases, this office offers a flat fee up to a certain amount of hours.


It is very important for clients to understand whether they have a flat fee retainer agreement or not. Most family law clients do not. Often clients billed hourly, despite being advised and having a written contract to the contrary, incorrectly assume (or decide in their own mind) the initial payment made was a one time fee for their case and/or will cover everything. Don't make that incorrect assumption. If you are not 100% clear on this point, ask. Often people who incorrectly assume (or decide in their own mind) their initial payment will cover everything also waste their resources and use up all their money and are left without an attorney at the more crutial points in their case. To avoid being in that situation, see How can I keep my costs down?



How much is my case going to cost? Why can't you tell me before I pay for a consultation? 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer about how much your case is going to cost from start to finish. Actually, it's impossible to know at the outset. The price of a divorce, for instance, can vary greatly from client to client using the same attorney. The cost of your legal representation depends on you, your situation, and (unfortunately) the opposing party's actions. What starts out as a simple case can very often turn into complex litigation. (See how can I keep my costs down?)


Do you offer Payment Plans? 

Yes. On a case-by-case basis, we offer payment plans. If we agree to extend a payment plan, we most likely will require an inital deposit followed by regular payments to supplement that deposit or pay down your balance due. We may ask that you agree to let us automatically deduct payments from your bank account using an ACH transfer.


Please do not ask about a payment plan when first calling. We will only discuss a payment plan at the end of a paid consultation - after we know the basics of your legal situation.


Do you Offer Free or "Pro Bono" Services. 

NO. It takes many years of education to obtain a license to practice law. And that education is very expensive. Most attorneys leave law school with student loan debt equivalent to a home mortgage. Operating a law office is very expensive. Overhead and labor costs are high. Every moment we spend working on one client's case is a moment we can't spend on another's. Every moment we spend working is a moment we cannot spend with our family. And our time is limited. This results in what is known in economics as opportunity costs. Therefore, we do not provide any free services. 


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Serving Solano County, Contra Costa County, and the Entire Bay Area. 

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