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As a forward-thinking law firm, we're committed to providing accessible, efficient, and convenient legal services to clients throughout the State of California. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced business practices, we're able to deliver top-quality legal representation without geographical constraints.

For potential new clients and public inquiries, please reach out to our professional reception service via the contact details below. For existing clients, please use WhatsApp Business for all communication. Please note, the email provided is not intended for electronic service.

Our virtual law office operates 24/7, providing clients with round-the-clock access to their digital case files. We prioritize digital communication and document exchange, with postal mail used only when required by law. This streamlined, eco-friendly approach allows us to serve clients across all California counties and federal courts with ease and efficacy. 

Consultations and court appearances are typically conducted remotely via video conference, saving our clients the expense of billable travel time. This modern approach ensures that most of our clients can participate in their court proceedings without missing a day of work or other important commitments.

When required and necessary, Justin Kirk Tabayoyon is available to make in-person court appearances throughout the state of California for all cases he accepts, subject to travel fees.

To make consultation payments, please click [here]. For deposits into the Interest on Lawyers Trust Account via LawPay, click [here]. For direct deposit information at Chase Bank, please contact us by phone.


1401 21st Street, Suite 5242

Sacramento, California 95811




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This address 1401 21st Street, Suite 5242 - Sacramento, California 95811 is solely for postal mail, which will be scanned and shredded upon receipt. We discourage the use of postal mail, preferring email and digital uploads. Please do not send checks to this address. Any documents sent here will be shredded post-scanning. For mailing checks, packages, or documents that should not be destroyed, please contact us by phone for the appropriate address.


Harness the power of modern, seamless, and client-focused legal services with the JKT Law Inc. Contact us today for a consultation.

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