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Andrea Valdez

Marketing Director 

Andra Valdez, a graduate in Social Communication from the University Tecnológica de Bolívar, brings extensive experience in digital marketing and content creation to her role as marketing director of JKT Law Inc. Her academic training in communication has provided her with a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of digital marketing, which allows you to develop innovative and effective strategies to promote the legal firm in digital environments.


With exceptional skill in SEO and content creation, Andrea plays a crucial role in improving JKT Law Inc.'s online visibility. Her strategic and creative approach allows her to identify growth opportunities and develop digital marketing campaigns that generate tangible results. Additionally, her ability to quickly adapt to new trends and technologies allows her to keep the firm up to date with the latest digital marketing practices and constantly optimize its online presence.

Andrea´s demonstrated experience in the digital arena is reflected in her ability to design and execute digital marketing strategies that resonate with the law firm's target audience. As the leader of JKT Law Inc.'s marketing team, Andrea is committed to ensuring the firm maintains a strong and relevant digital presence at all times, thereby driving the firm's growth and reputation in the legal market.

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